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Learn how to make money helping others

Asset Recovery is the greatest industry to get into. You assist people in getting their money back and you get a percentage of what's recovered, The best part is it requires low start-up cost, no credit or licensing required, Learn today!

Airbnb is a great business to get started with low capital, no credit, and no real estate agent license required. Find out how you can learn more about this business!

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The Money Making Juggernaut is designed for those who are looking to make a change in their lives. We have provided a full in depth course to teach you how to do:

  • Real Estate Wholesaling
  • Tax overages
  • Forex
  • Airbnb

All in one course! P.S we get straight the point!

What’s in the course? This is a financial education course that will provide you with the information you need to run a six figure business in four different streams. AirBnb, Surplus funds, Real estate Wholesaling and Forex are all businesses that you can start with little to no capital, no license required and no credit. This course will provide you with the following information

  • Step by step guide on how to operate each business
  • Documents needed to get deals/ file claims
  • Video trainings
  • Mentorship & Partnership opportunity
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We have provided a step by step guide to help you be successful in each industry.

We also provide all the documents you need along with video trainings to assist you on getting deals! If you are serious about making a change then you came to the right place! there is no other course that will provide this much information for the price that is offered, but act soon because the price is subject to change.

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Some Testimonials!


The course helped me find everything I needed to get started in real estate.

Surprisingly the course gave me more information than the previous course I purchased, which was more expensive. They even gave me all the documents I needed to get deals.


I liked the fact that I could do this while in other countries.

Being able to get deals done while in other countries was a plus for me. The course makes it so simple to understand. All you have to do is put in the work.


The course helped me learn how to make money while being a broke college student.

I was able to learn how to get started in Airbnb while being a full time student.


I was glad that I could partner with Eric before I got the hang of things.

The course opened my eyes on the different possibilities out there. I never knew you could get started in real estate without being a licensed agent.


I like that it was straight to the point.

The course provided me with all the information I needed and I really like that there were no bs life stories.

You can get results like these!

Course Curriculum

You have been looking for this opportunity

Courses now a days are overpriced in the thousands and the creators waste time going over their life stories and experiences. With MoneyMakingJuggernaut you will get the exact information you need to be successful!

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Partnership opportunity

Partnership opportunities are available to registered students only. The partnership will consist of a 60/40 split for tax overage deals where I will handle paperwork and attorney fees. Students must show professionalism and research skills during an interview in order to qualify.


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